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Rekiara Healing: Angels & Unicorns Free crystal with our personal therapist!

Reikara healing is a blend of the most beautiful Angelic and Unicorn energies, we are watched over by angels all around us, and they work through the heart with unconditional love. Angels are neither male nor female, they will help you to realise harmony and serenity in your life. Angel healing is a gentle, soothing, deep relaxing energy because angels and unicorns are spiritually higher vibrational beings. They cannot been seen or heard by humans. Their vibrations are much higher than the speed of light. Unicorn healing is very powerful and as it works with the soul and heals at the soul level. Unicorns were horses that reincarnated several times and represent hope and purity unicorn energy is playful but extremely powerful. Unicorns healing is channelled from their horns and is a beautiful, relaxing experience.

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