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past life regression

Connecting with and remembering past lives (or indeed other lives) and past events is a very intriguing subject which many discuss and wish to learn more about. 
Past life recall is a very natural process during which you allow yourself to unlock memories which may trouble or upset your subconscious at a deeper level than that which you are currently aware. 
These memories although unconscious to you now, may still have an impact on your behaviour and self imposed restrictions and destructive patterns in this life, affecting the here and now. These broken aspects of you must be made whole again, by being brought forward for healing and nurturing. With that in mind many who research past lives are so caught up in the curiosity factor that they forget the requirement for healing and the return to wholeness.

I would highly recommend recording your experiences in a journal and working in order to bring these dark shadows into the light.

Why find your past lives?
Sometimes people are just curious about where they were, what they did and what happened to them. But there are many things you can learn about yourself, this lifetime, how the past affects your spiritual purpose in this lifetime, what karma you have brought into this embodiment, or why you do some of the things you do now. Sometimes you can address issues you have in this life, by understanding why you do those things, or why you're facing certain issues or events. But you have to find it first.

Discovering your past lives is a fascinating way to understand who you are as an immortal soul living a human life. It enables you to heal the present through the past and can bring great inner peace. 

Past life regression can transform your life! It will help you to develop your full potential, unlock hidden talents, and create more compassion and love for yourself and others. It can reveal your life purpose and reason for incarnating, and help you to overcome the fear of death. After a past life regression session, many clients report feeling a greater sense of inner peace, love and self-acceptance when they understand that they have chosen their life circumstances and the lessons that they need to learn. Past life regression therapy supersedes other therapies in its more profound perspective on the meaning of life. It transcends religious dogma and is beneficial regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs

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