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Chakra Balancing Free crystal with our personal therapist!

Chakra Balancing

Are you in a bad mood lately? Are close friends and colleagues asking, "What's wrong with you?" Do you feel clumsy, forgetful or jinxed? Are you having difficulty making decisions? Are you attracting negative people and situations? It's very likely that your chakras are out of balance.

Chakras regulate energy flow from Source through the energy body, into and through the physical body and back out to the universe. Chakra balancing restores emotions and helps us to better navigate day-to-day life.

Some issues helped by chakra balancing and clearing may include:

  • money, relationships and inner child

  • personal power and self-esteem

  • love and trust

  • forgiveness

  • enlightenment

  • discovering life purpose and mission

Chakra Balancing and Clearing sessions include:

  • pre session chakra reading

  • Reiki to initiate positive energy flow

  • setting an intention that is in the highest good of the recipient

  • opening the aura to work with the Higher Self

  • clearing each of the seven main chakras

  • balancing each of the seven main chakras

  • sweeping the aura

  • closing the aura

  • post session chakra reading

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