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Ganesh back flow burner

Ganesh back flow burner


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Product Description

How does an Incense Waterfall work? As you know, warm air is released during the burning of incense. Due to the air pressure present, warm air rises and takes the smoke upwards comfortably. However, because Backflow Cones are hollow, the smoke ends up in cold air during burning. As a result, it descends and through the hole in the burner the shape of a smoke waterfall is created. So Long Burn Backflow Incense Cones The burning time of special Incense Waterfall Cones differs from normal variants. The smoking part is slightly smaller, because they are hollow. That is why you can enjoy the incense waterfall spectacle for an average of 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, these cones give off a heavier, thicker smoke than normal incense products. Everything for a spectacular effect, of course.

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